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The truth will set you free


Writing has been such a huge part in helping me process through some of the darkest parts of my life.

Writing has had incredible healing power in my life. It has also been an outlet to express my happiest and most joy filled moments.

Today, I am thankful for a whole lot more joy in my life lately.

I wrote the following because life might not always look like we want it to. It can feel impossible and hopeless at times. But for me, the darkest times have now made me appreciate the joy filled times 100x more. Freedom is possible. The messy work of healing is worth it, no matter how long it takes or how messy it gets.

"…the truth will set you free…"

But first it might destroy you, first it might shatter you, first it might break you into so many pieces that you can't ever imagine being put back together again. You can't imagine how so many pieces could be put back in their right place.

What you can't see at first is that those pieces won't be put back in the same place. They will be put together in a new way. In a way that WILL set you free; a way that is stronger, wiser, and more compassionate. A way that is more freeing than would have been possible without the breaking and reassembling of those countless pieces.

In the end, the truth will set you free, but often the process to get there isn't as easy or pretty as we'd like it to be.

Be patient and kind to yourself in the process. Sit with your broken pieces, feel the pain of the bleeding wounds, and let others in to help you pick up the pieces. You don't have to do it alone.

It's okay to be broken. Being broken and shattered does not change the inherent worth that you possess. The reassembling process can be excruciatingly painful but let me remind you, my dear, that on the other side of the messy work of healing is a freedom so great you can't even imagine.

Keep going. One day at a time; one shattered piece at a time. 

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  • Julie


    I’m turning 62 this year. I can hardly believe it myself. But, I’ve decided that I no longer want to live comfortably. I want to live with a spirit of adventure like I had in the past. To be unafraid of what’s new or different. I want to remain so open to the Spirit of the living God that his love compels me to go wherever he leads me.
  • LuAnn


    I am passionate about people leaning into all that Jesus is. You. Me. Us. Journeying together with God. This is my greatest blessing. And now that my kiddos are out on their own, I’m learning to navigate my new normal. And I am finding there is life after little ones and teens after all!
  • Emilie


    I am currently finishing my degree in relational communications and plan to graduate in the spring of 2020!! I am thankful I have had time to grow, heal, appreciate a slower pace of living, and to invest more time into relationships with family, friends, and God. Through this process I am learning what I want to prioritize in my life and figuring out ways to make that happen. Most of all, I am figuring out that life is all about process, taking steps closer to where I want to be and celebrating the little victories but also accepting that there will be setbacks and disappointments along the way.
  • Sally


    Sally Cranham is a singer and writer from the UK. She uses biblical narrative and her own experience to write deeply into the heart of the human condition. She currently works as a volunteer for SourceMN as their Arts Outreach Coordinator and has lived as a Residential Volunteer at Source’s anti-trafficking transitional annex alongside women who have come out of the life of prostitution.
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