Settling In... Chapter Two

For those of you puttering along with me through the book of Ruth... we are now moving on to Chapter Two.


As in times past, before you get started, be sure you are nestled into a quiet little niche, free from distractions.  Take a moment or two to close your eyes and allow the silence to settle your spirit.


When your heart is ready, open your Bible to Ruth, grab your journal and pen, and ask the Savior to give you "ears to hear" His voice today.


Take some time to read through chapter two in it's entirety. Our story opens with Ruth and Naomi settling into their new lives in Jerusalem.  As you eavesdrop on their conversations and their comings and goings, take note of a verse or verses that stand out to you.  Jot them in journal...


Read the chapter again, but, this time take your time.  Slow down and let yourself pause over phrases that whisper to your heart.  What is it about that phrase or those phrases that impact, challenge, encourage you?


Now sit with the passage again.  As you read it, take note of a word or words that touch you. Write the word(s) down.


Be still for a moment and let the verse(s), phrase(s) or word(s) ruminate in your spirit.  Spend some time dialoguing about them with Jesus.  Journal any feelings, insights or thoughts that came forward as you do this.


As your time with the Savior comes to a close today, take a few extra minutes to sit quietly in His presence. Before you leave... whisper an "I love you, too!" back to Him.

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