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Naomi's Hope... Chapter Three

As you open your Bibles to Ruth 3 today, you will discover Naomi’s hope for her daughter-in-law Ruth's future blossoming into a beautifully unique love story. But, before we get up close and personal with each character individually, let’s step back for a spell and take some time to sit quietly with the overall chapter itself.


Find a quiet corner where you can sit silently for a few minutes. I know this may seem redundant or insignificant after a time or two, but, we so often carry a heavy sack around with us of daily concerns that we don’t even realize how much it can interfere with hearing the Spirit’s still small voice. So, imagine yourself laying it down now at the feet of Jesus…


As you prepare to read chapter three of Ruth, whisper a prayer, asking the Savior to silence any stray thoughts and to give you an open heart to hear His voice alone.


Read chapter three through… just to get the gist of it.


Now go back and re-read it slowly. Have your journal out and your pen ready to jot down any phrases or verses that seem to speak to your heart.


Go back through the chapter again. Take note of any words that may stand out to you. As you write them down in your journal, sit quietly with them for a moment.


What might God be trying to say to you?Put in writing any thoughts, feelings or concerns that might come to the surface here.


As you sense the Holy Spirit whispering to your heart, write what you believe He might be saying to you. I always use my own name in this…it makes it much more personal!


Respond back by writing out a prayer of commitment or gratitude to God. 

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