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Judge, 21st Annual Writers Digest Self-Published Book Awards

This is a useful lesson plan and workbook for individual or classroom Bible study. I especially like the personal touch of the essays that begin each lesson. The author is able to relate her own experience as an illustration of what she hopes the reader will gain from the lesson. She speaks with a friendly, and also authoritative, voice.

The assignments are well thought out. Questions challenge the reader to spend time and thought before answering. I love, love, love the quotes on the sidebars throughout the book.

Cover and interior both have a professional look and good color and typeface choices.

The Table of Contents is especially well done. I like the list of lesson titles followed by a phrase that summarizes the content of that chapter, followed by the chapter and verses to be discussed there. This will benefit readers who may want to skip around or those who may want to return and reread one or more lessons.

Nice About the Author page.I always like those to have a photo, as this one does.