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 I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water.

—Psalm 63:1

It was raining in Big Sky the day I had all to myself to write. From our condo in the treetops I watched the pine trees sway to the rhythm of each gusty wind that blew. Rain splattered large sloppy drops across the window pane.

Lone mountain was obscured from view in heavy gray clouds. And it was chilly. Sometimes the raindrops looked more like snowflakes. And it was July.

But, oh was it green.

We had traveled to Big Sky from Colorado. A state that hadn't seen a drop of rain in months. And it was parched dry. The fire risk has been at high alert. Several fires are still burning acres of land, homes and possessions as I write this. Oh, what they would give for a soaking rain like this.

Two states separated by one. Yet such a stark contrast. Montana. Lush. Fertile. Plentiful vegetation and fields full of flowers of every variety and color. Colorado. Baked. Thirsty. Fields of cactus and vegetation that can survive the searing sun and little rain.

One state enlivened, energized, invigorated. Another state completely desiccated.

The disparity is shocking.

As I sat with this discrepancy, it reminded me so much of us. We who run and keep running in every direction trying to keep up with the Jones, keep up appearances, or just plain keep up… when what we really need is to experience God's merciful rain on our parched souls.

How is the state of your soul these days? Would you describe it as lush and fertile? Or is it parched dry? It's easy for our souls to shrivel up when we don't get the nourishment we need.

If that's you… don't let life sap the energy right out of you.

I came across this quote the other day…

Personally, I know how challenging it can be to find free time in today's uber-busy, espresso-chugging world to tend to our spirits, to nourish our souls.

—Karen Salmansohn

But if we don't find time... who will find it for us?

So, my question to you is this. What exactly does your soul need today? What would replenish you?

Is it rest? Then make time to rest! If you're a young mommy that is easier said than done. But, if you're kiddos nap, lay down with them. Don't let your "to do" list send you scurrying. Those things will get done eventually. 

Is it a day away from the routine? Then carve out time away. *I am hosting a Silent Retreat on the 29th of September for just such a time apart. 

Maybe all you need is some time in the Good Book. Or time sitting quietly with a soul-quenching book. Care out that time for yourself. You'll be doing yourself and your family a favor. 

Perhaps what you need to rejuvenate your heart is to set aside a couple of hours to walk through a field of flowers, take a hike in the woods or sit on the beach. Anywhere that you can experience the joy of God's creation. *Bring a journal or sketch book along to dialogue your experience or draw something that will be a reminder to you the next time your soul is feeling a bit dry.

Or maybe you need to stretch yourself a bit. Take the voice or piano lessons you've always wished you could take, or an art class, or a cooking class.

Or possibly what you soul is craving is companionship, friends to do life with. Don't let your schedule stop you from meeting a friend or two at a coffee shop or for lunch. Or simply invite a friend over to sit on your deck and drink tea.

Don't underestimate the spiritual nourishment of a good long laugh with your friends.

—Sarah Bessey

Take some time today to assess what it is that your heart really needs.

Gift yourself with time apart. Time to replenish the cup of you that has run dry.

A wise man nourishes his soul each morning with the word of God and enriches his day with God's wisdom.
Felix Wantang (Psalm 19:7).

*You may want to spend time with this Prayer Experience I wrote some years back… it's called Along a Gravel Road. I pray it will be a gift to your soul and the refreshment your heart needs.


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