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Holy Mystery: The Unexpected Voice of God

Who knows what God will say to me today or to you today or into the midst of what kind of unlikely moment he will choose to say it? Not knowing is what makes today a Holy Mystery...

Fredrick Buechner


Our twisting and turning journey through the French countryside, leading to what seemed like nowhere, on little roads that one car could barely maneuver on, had my hubby on edge. But, I had so longed to visit Hautecombe Abbaye...that we pressed on.


It was an hour-and-a-half drive from our hotel in Annecy, a drive that at one point had us clinging precariously to cliffs-edge high above Lac du Bourget. I could hardly draw breath I was so enraptured by the amazing panoramic views...my hubby, on the other hand, was holding his breath and clutching the wheel for dear life. His nerves frayed, I began praying that somehow, someway, this crazy little adventure of ours (mine!) would be worth the effort.




Unfortunately, the road into the Abbaye narrowed significantly. When we met a few tour buses head on, it nearly put the kibosh on our expedition once and for all. But, with both vehicles riding the grassy edge and an inch or two to spare, we passed one another, then turned into the first parking area we could find so that Rey could loosen his tight-fisted clench on the steering wheel and finally breathe.


It wasn’t until we started for the Abbaye that we realized that we were in for a bit of walk. We had parked in the lot farthest out on the property. But, the walk did us good. Besides, when in France, walking is a way of life...part of the journey.


As we made our way closer to the old Basilica we were startled to hear voices singing “10,000 Reasons,” by Matt Redman...in English. It literally stopped us in our tracks. Tears still well up in my eyes just thinking about it. 


Turning into the Abbaye entrance we made a beeline for the restaurant to have a sweet, calm lunch where we both could enjoy the sweeping views of Lac du Bourget. Then, we took a magnificent hour-long guided tour of the Basilica.


During our tour, we were told that the Abbaye, growing more concerned about the spiritual vacuum they saw in their country, had made great strides over the last several years to welcome and work alongside of other Christian denominations in order to reach to France’s youth. The voices we had heard singing on our way into the Abbaye had been hundreds of teens who were concluding a week long stay at a inter-denomational camp hosted by the Abbaye. 


Tears welled up once more and streamed down my face. Was I really hearing this correctly?


For years I have prayed for God’s Spirit to move in this beautiful land that I love. For years I have wept for my precious friends who have struggled to believe that there is a God that loves them. A Savior who gave himself for the love of them.


And there we were...seeing God’s Spirit moving with our own eyes and hearing voices of hope sing out.


By the time we began hiking back to our car, that narrow road that we had struggled like the dickens to navigate on, was being inundated by a host of new teens that were piling in by the carload, and van loads more being dropped off by parents...all flooding into the Abbaye to attend a new week of camp.


In awe of what God was doing, all we could do was rejoice and say, “Let the cars come...tight squeeze and all!”


Yes God, you truly do have something on your heart you want to say to us...to show us...a holy mystery to reveal to our hearts...if our eyes and ears are open. Thank you for personally nudging me to Hautecombe Abbaye to hear with my own ears whispers of your voice. And to help me see that you love this old world far more than I possibly could; that you are active even when I think you can’t possibly be and that you are indeed answering our prayers beyond our wildest imagining.


Today is a Holy Mystery. What might God be trying to say to you?


Speak, Lord. Your servant is listening.

1st Samuel 3:9


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