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Quotes on Soul Friendship with God


Incredible as it may seem, God wants our companionship.He wants to have us close to Him.

Billy Graham


We live in a noisy, crowded, busy world. In the realm of man's spirit the devastation wrought by our much vaunted modern way of life is beyond measure. People are so driven. A thousand false voices call to them to find fulfillment in the transient, tempting pursuits of time.


But, man was made for a greater good than all of these.He was made for God. And he will never find rest of soul, serenity of spirit, until he finds that repose in stillness and quietness in company with Christ.

Phillip Keller


We cannot give ourselves to spiritual things and deepen our relationship with God if we are obsessed with a multitude of things to do and always on the go. Love for God is a tender plant that can mature only when it has time to grow. God cannot be loved on the run!

David Roper


God will never adjust His agenda to fit ours.He will not speed His pace to catch up with ours; we need to slow our pace in order to recover our walk with Him.God will not scream and shout over the noisy clamor; He expects us to seek quietness, where His still, small voice can be heard.

Charles Swindoll

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What to look for in a Soul Friend

What to Look for in a Soul Friend

  • Someone who walks with God in humility of heart.Someone who recognizes their weaknesses, learns from their mistakes and apologizes when their sin hurts others.They are someone who looks to God’s Word for guidance, encouragement and challenge.And they, too, have Soul Friendships that love, nurture and prod them to further maturity in their own lives.
  • Someone who is a good listener!And what I mean by a good listener is...

*Someone who truly hears what you are saying because they are not busy formulating a response or interrupting you constantly to share what they think or change the subject to themselves or their experiences.A good listener is a patient listener.


   *A good listener also listens for what isn’t being said.They are listening and watching for what lies deeper, depending on the Holy Spirit’s nudging’s to guide them.In other words, a good listener is prayerful listener.

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How to find a Soul Friend

How to find a Soul Friend


  • The most important first step is prayer. Ask God to guide you.


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The Sacred Hours

Perhaps like me, you get to the end of a particularly busy day and realize that your thoughts rarely, if ever, turned heavenward.  If you are having a hard time keeping your eyes "fixed" on the Savior as you go about the course of your day, you may want to utilize an ancient prayer practice I have found particularly helpful. Christians throughout the ages have used a pattern called the Sacred Hours or Divine Hours to remind them to consciously pause what they were doing and focus on the One who gifted them with those very hours.

I suggest you make a copy of the following text, then cut each section out and place them where you can see them throughout your home, car and office.

I pray they will be a source of great blessing in your life, as they are in mine!


The Sacred Hours



Dawn – The Awakening Hour


Theme: Resurrection - Praise - Delight


Scripture: Psalm 90:14 Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love; so that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.


Quote: I cannot open mine eyes but Thou art ready there to catch my morning soul... Teach me Thy love to know, that this new light which now I see, may both the work and Workman show. George Herbert


Mid-morning – The Hour of Possibilities


Theme: Work – Potential - Blessing


Scripture: Psalm 90:17 Let your loveliness shine on us, and bless the work we do, bless the work of our hands.


Quote: I dwell in possibility.  Emily Dickinson

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    I am passionate about people leaning into all that Jesus is. You. Me. Us. Journeying together with God. This is my greatest blessing. And now that my kiddos are out on their own, I’m learning to navigate my new normal. And I am finding there is life after little ones and teens after all!
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    I am currently finishing my degree in relational communications and plan to graduate in the spring of 2020!! I am thankful I have had time to grow, heal, appreciate a slower pace of living, and to invest more time into relationships with family, friends, and God. Through this process I am learning what I want to prioritize in my life and figuring out ways to make that happen. Most of all, I am figuring out that life is all about process, taking steps closer to where I want to be and celebrating the little victories but also accepting that there will be setbacks and disappointments along the way.
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    Sally Cranham is a singer and writer from the UK. She uses biblical narrative and her own experience to write deeply into the heart of the human condition. She currently works as a volunteer for SourceMN as their Arts Outreach Coordinator and has lived as a Residential Volunteer at Source’s anti-trafficking transitional annex alongside women who have come out of the life of prostitution.
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