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God Sees You


If you sold a few sparrows, how much would you get? A penny perhaps? Yet, your Father in heaven knows when those small birds fall to the ground. Beloved, you are more valuable to God than even these. God knows everything about you, even the number of hairs on your head.

—Matthew 10:29-30

Tucked into the Wisconsin woods at a prayer cabin one afternoon, a sweet little bird flew into the picture window where I was sitting. The sickening thud stopped my heart for a second. I instantly jumped up, looked out the window and saw that little bird sprawled out on the leaf-covered ground.

I grabbed a towel, like my mom always does when a bird hits her window, and went out to investigate. The little bird lay motionless with its tiny wing bent backwards. I thought it was dead. But, when I reached down to touch it, it immediately tried to jump to its feet. It wobbled there dazed till overcome with wooziness.

I gently wrapped the towel around it curling the wing back into place and held it. I sat out on the deck holding that precious little life in my hands, I prayed for it. As I sat rubbing its head I reminded God of the above verses. I spoke quietly to it. Sang to it. The bird just laid there unresponsive with one eyelid shut.

I continued to hold it and sing to it for nearly a half hour. The little eyelid remained closed, however.

After another several minutes the other eye finally opened and both eyes looked into mine. It was such a precious moment.

I placed that sweet little bird in the towel on the deck rail. It stayed for a few minutes sunning itself and then it flew away.

That night I wept to think how much God cares for the birds of the air. That he sees when they fall to the ground. And I thanked him that I got to hold that bird and speak tenderly to it just as he would have.

And as I sat with this thought I was reminded of the many ways God cares for me. Like tucking me away in a prayer cabin where I listen as he whispers his heart to me. Or crunching my way through the dried leaf-strewn trails feeling the warmth of his love shine down and the wind of his spirit as it touches my face.

And even when life hurts and things go terribly wrong, I sense God's presence with me, in the love of my hubby, the gift of my sons, the warm hugs of dear friends, the encouraging, yet challenging words of my spiritual director and pastor. 

And when my heart is heavy, Jesus holds me to close to his heart speaking tenderly to me. (Hosea 2:14) Singing over me. (Isaiah 5:1) And he prays for me. (Romans 8:34) What a comfort to experience a loving God like this.

On the days when we feel tiny, insignificant, small, and as though we don't matter very much, we need to remember that each and every breath we take was given by God.

—Anna Rendell

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