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Dear Me...


We are beginning a new series for the month of June called Letter to My Younger Self. We pray that it will both resonate with you and encourage you.

Dear Me,

If I could impart some wisdom to you from this my 60th year, I'd like to tell you something you were never told growing up.

You is kind. You is smart. You is important.*

You is kind.

Kindness is the gift of a tender heart. A heart of which you have. It is a heart that has experienced it's share of pain and trauma and yet sees the world as good, as beauty-filled. Because you are tenderhearted and a bit of a romantic, you will not fare well with the rigidity of your upbringing. You will feel the need to be molded into an acceptable version of you.

The thing is...God made you YOU. So even if you are considered unacceptable by others standards, stay true to who God made you to be.

Because you are a tenderhearted soul know that tears are perfectly alright. Jesus wept after all. So don't stuff them down and act brave. And by the way, emotions are okay too. Remember that Jesus felt things very deeply. A love deep enough to go to the Cross for all of us.

You've always cared deeply. Especially for those who are underdogs. Perhaps it's because you always felt like one too. Continue that all life long. 

You is smart.

Although your sister was considered the intelligent one, and she was, you are smart too. Unlike your sister whose mathematical prowess was her strong suit, your gifting lay in the arts, in all things literature, in storytelling and writing. 

So pursue those things with all of your might. Follow your dreams. Believe in yourself even if no-one else does. 

And despite a year of recovery from neck surgery, finish college. In fact, pursue a PhD. And teach. Use your abilities to communicate God's heart to bless others with words of encouragement and challenge.

You is important.

Yes, it's true. You really are important. Especially to God. Even though you were often made to feel less than...and a disappointment to others and to God. He loves you all the same. 

You are not a failure, even though you were often told that as a kid. God has an important role for you...a role that only you can play. You were designed by God in your young mama's womb (Psalm 139:13). And though your parents may forget for a time, God will never forget you. Your name is written on the palm of his hands (Isaiah 49:15-16).

And when you do fail, and you will, know that there is nothing you can do in this life that would cause God to turn his back on you. Mistakes are for learning. So glean all you can from them. But, know that God still loves you even when you fall.

Lastly, guard your heart dear me. Trust in God's goodness. Pursue the dreams God has for you. And remember, despite what you hear, God thinks you're a masterpiece in the making.



*Kathryn Stockett, The Help

Dear Younger Me
Hello June!


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